Add Vietnamese Spell Checker to Your Website

VSpell allow you to use the Vietnamese spell check on your website. Here is an external webpagethat uses VSpell.

To use VSpell in your website, please follow the below steps.

  1. Download VSpellPopup.html then copy to your web application. Do not change content or rename.
  2. Copy below script and modify to fit your page. You can download the sample page, VSpellSample.html
    to test locally.
        // VSpellPopup.html, change to refect the correct location on your site
        var _spellCheckUrl = "VSpellPopup.html";
        var _popupWindow;
        var _spellData = {};
        function openVSpell() {
            // get text for spell check
            _spellData.text = document.getElementById('spellInput').value;  
            _popupWindow =, 'VSpellPopup');
            if (window.focus) {
        function closeVSpell() {
            // update your spell checked text here
            document.getElementById('spellInput').value = _spellData.text;    
  3. Email to let us know that you are using VSpell in your website so we can inform you any changes in the future.